Technology World is a group of technically motivated entrepreneurs specializing in desktop publishing, graphic and website design, interactive multimedia development, typing and data entry services, and company logo and stationary design. We offer desktop and laptop computer repair, and home networking setup and configuration. Computer training courses are being developed to enable users a better understanding of how personal computers operate.

Microsoft Cloud University is a certification system for professionals to earn certifications and licenses.

All volunteers and employees of Technology World utilize the Microsoft Cloud Platform University to enhance computing skills and learn new technologies.

We are quality certified A+ Computer Technicians and have industry accepted licenses.

All volunteers and employees of Technology World are certified as A+ Computer Technicians.

A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is an individual who completes a professional certification program by Microsoft.

All volunteers and employees of Technology World are certified as Microsoft Certfied Systems Engineers (MSCE Certified).

Our Approach

Technology World aims to teach our customers how technology works. We understand technology can be frustrating for many users. That is why our e-learning solutions focus on the skill level of the user. Our learning encompasses a variety of technologies that allow an easy learning curve. You, as our customer are in control of the learning process and can continue to learn as much as you want in the comfort of your own home.

A Little About Customer Service

The training material developed has been best suited for those people who have to struggle through mountains of paperwork just to get a new learning process started and then eventually end up in debt because of bad student loans. Our training is affordable, modern, and very easy to use.

Customers are always a top priority and customer service is #1. If you are not satisfied with the services you received simply write to us and explain what we should have done differently. Our 30 day money back guarantee is always in effect.

My Background

Technology World has only one inventor and that is me, Michael Casimir. Ever since the age of 14 when my grandmother bought my brother and I a Commodore 64 computer so we could play Contra and Super Mario Brothers, I knew I had a passion for computers and technology. I have been working on this world for almost 14 years and have not struggled to find the motivation to keep pressing on. I simply love technology and also love content. That is why in this system you will always get the lastest and greatest technology related information about personal computers, hardware, and technologies.

Learning Models and Why I Do It

We figured that learning at your own pace during your own schedules is far better than having to travel or go to a physical location such as a school or board room. What you will face there is a lonely road full of know-it-all professors and bosses who don't really give a damn. Instead, e-learn online various computer subjects and enhance or start a career running your own e-business today and see the changes that will evolve in yourself!

Understanding Technology World Principles

The ability to learn and understand from a learning perspective is my key to understanding how Technology World operates. I am focused, hard-working, and ambitious. I don't look at skipping steps and am always looking for people to help spread the word or contribute ideas. If you want to contact me and discuss how you can be beneficial to Technology World development, please feel free to contact me through the form below:


Technology World was started by one person, Michael J. Casimir. I have 14+ years experience building and repairing laptop and desktop computers and can personally customize a new system build to fit your needs, budgets, and computer expertise. I have a vast array of troubleshooting knowledge of complex computer problems and no problem is too big for me to handle. From standard Windows re-installation to more complex computer virus and spyware removal, no problem is too big or small for me to handle.

For more information about my qualifications please see the links below to read my resume and get references.

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